Sunday, 15 March 2015

Paint. Actual Paint.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. I have painted something!

So, as mentioned in my second post, I'd be following this method to paint my Imperial Fists. Now, it's certainly a very clean scheme and I know one or two expressed that it might be needing 'dirtied' up a bit.

Well, given the outcome of the test mini as it is so far, I'm not sure that I'll need to do much to tone the yellow down. It's clean, but not overpowering. Partly that's down to the fact that I'm running a Heresy era Marine with lots of armour panels and segments compared to a quite spartan looking 40K era Marine with plain and relatively unblemished armour as shown in the how-to guide, so I've got more shading and such to do.

I'm also not being as neat as possible with the highlighting and 50/50 mixes either.

So, here's a couple of shots that I took as I was mucking around with the paints.

Please excuse the quality of the photos, I've got an iPhone and an environment with lights and wall colouring that tends to mean the photo's aren't picking up the colour gradient as well as it should. The ones where the yellow's on are a prime example of this, they look far too flat. I'd have to say the last photo though, is probably the closest to what it actually looks like.

But still, I'm very satisfied with it as it stands. I've started on the black trim and metallic parts and I'll have a look at what else I need to do tomorrow and see if any new paints need picked up.

Still not sure over the urban basing folk are wanting though...

Spray painted with the Army Painter Bone.

Agrax Earthshade painted into the recesses. Tidied up a bit with the new Bleached Bone equivalent.

Highlighted up to white now for the edges and such.

Washed with the Lamenters Yellow.

Washed with the Lamenters Yellow.

Probably the most decent photo of the model as it stands just now.

Cheers for looking!


  1. colour me impressed you have actually painted..........

    He is looking very nice so far. If you fancy it I'd say weathering him with the sponge method not too OTT would set him off nicely.

    Try the urban base if you dont like it then you can repaint it in your normal style :)

  2. Well, paint. Who's have thought.

    Looking good. Will you be going for a dark base to show him off?

  3. Ho. Lee. Shit. I'm impressed, looking good Grizz.

  4. Question for you then Si, what paint(s) would you recommend for weathering with the sponge method?

    Only thing I know I'm definitely doing for the bases Matt is to paint the edges black. That's it so far.

    Cheers Dave!

  5. Late as usual. Dammit.

    Impressive though, it's a really nice yellow. If I ever do those Lamenters, I'd really consider copying that...

    Also, just to chip in about the sponging, I'd consider using something dark, like a dark red or brown. Shouldn't stand out too much colour-wise, but ought to give you some contrast.

  6. You have given the blog a face lift I see, you must be serious about hobbying again.........

    For chipping if you are using GW colours id say Rhinox Brown in the new range or Scorched brown in the old colours will stand out but not as stark as pure black would be.

    Rasmus is always late, its a side effect of being old ;)

  7. Well, cheers to both of you for the suggestions. I wandered down to my local shop earlier on the day and picked up a tub of that Rhinox Brown, so I'll give that a try at somepoint!

    Aye, it's a nice wee facelift isn't it. Dunno why the two tone yellow bar came from though, I just uploaded the photo of the Fist icon, but nonetheless, looks cool.