Wednesday, 4 March 2015

It's A Start...

An update of sorts...

Well, it's not quite like I'm going to be dropping a set of painted Imperial Fists on you all of a sudden, but I've started off down the road that will lead to there.

That's right, they're now unbagged! Cleaned, even.


I know, hardly akin to unveiling the Mona Lisa, but for me, this is quite the deal just now given how utterly dispassionate I've been for a good number of years now when it comes to modelling.

So, these are the first 5 of 10. I'll select one or two and try out the scheme I have in mind, potentially even dragging out a spare 40K era-Space Marine and trying it on them first.

For those that are interested, here's the method I plan to try out.

Quite a nice yellow, not too over-powering in my eyes, and above all else, seems easy enough to replicate. Before I took the hobby hiatus, I was no Golden Daemon (does that even exist nowadays?) finalist, but I could certainly do better than just table-top quality. So I'd like to get back to that stage, but I'm not fool enough to expect that straight out the box. So better to start off with something along these lines and make good progress I feel, rather than demoralising myself by expecting top notch outcomes straight away.

Anyway though, pep-talks aside, I'll build up these guys over the next few days. My spray paint's on order, should arrive in the next day or so, then I'll pick up the paints from my local store and get on it!

Cheers for reading! And Si, shut it.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you produce some quality spazz mehreens, Grizz, but that's a very clean yellow you're planning on. Just my personal preference, but I'd maybe tone it slightly with a sepia or brown glaze once all is said and done, the heresy being grim and dark, y'know.

  2. Its taken you near 4 weeks since the weekender to open the bags..............

    I think that yellow would work rather well, as if you weather it up with a sponge and some brown paint it will tone the brightness down a fair bit. Which spray paints have you ordered out of interest?

    And no I won't shut it :P

  3. Yes, four weeks. It's nothing in the grand scheme of things... ahem...

    Surprised that you didn't mention a black wash Dave!

    Rest assured, I do plan to put my own spin on it, and yes, I'll be aiming to weather them with the sponge method and also use the Forgeworld powder's I've got to dirty them up a wee bit more on top of that. Whatever GW brown wash they have going is a good shout too.

    I've ordered the Army Painter Bone spray Si, and aye, you should shut it!

    1. Oh, you're a cunny funt Grizz. Just make sure you don't base then with coffee granules ;)

      Seriously though, a 50/50 of Agrax Earthshade and Seraphim Sepia (who names these these things?) painted over like a glaze, not drowned like a wash, will give them a nice lacquered look while also shading quite effectively.

    2. I'll give that a bash man. Plenty of armour segments to mess around with.

  4. You made it to two posts.