Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Third Album - Battle Brother Something, Something Bob

One Down...

I can't stress how much annoyance and frustration trying to line up both arms when you're not planning to attach the bolted until after the undercoat generates. Oh how I've missed such aggravation.

That said, now that I've got the models out their bags, cleaned up and ready to be built, I've actually now taken the time to go over how detailed they are. They're fantastic. All the panels, rivets, joints; it's superb. So much going on with them, I can barely summon the thought of ever going back to the 40K era Space Marines sprues. They're far too boring now.

So, here's the first Battle Brother I've made up. I'll be basing him with some fine gravel/sand tomorrow, though I've yet to fully settle on whether they'll be urban, desert or something else entirely different. 

Anyone have any ideas/recommendations? 

Here's a few shots of him though. I've got nearly all the paints I need to get him done, so over the comings days, I'll try out the scheme and see what happens!

So, cheers for looking!


  1. Urban, it will make the yellow really stand out.

  2. As Dave says an Urban scheme would really work for these guys.

  3. As with the others I'd say go urban, will match in with what I'm doing(and Matt and Dan i assume) and covers you for most heresy settings.

  4. Right, well, damn...

    Any hints/recipes for how to go about an urban basing that doesn't overpower the models or look too gray (always an issue I had whenever I did them)?

  5. Delayed comment here, but have you considered asphalt bases, like they're on a sidewalk? That also gives you a flat surface to glue the model on.

    Alternately, paint the basing sand brown and highlight by drybrushing lighter grey, that should give you an urban-ish effect I think.