Sunday, 17 May 2015

I'm Still Here!

Aye, I'm still kicking about.

Apologies for the general lack of updates and major progress of late. Few reasons I guess; works been kicking my arse of late and while I'm now getting on top of my new responsibilities, I've had little thought of doing much when I get home let along model. 

Aside from that, I've also been practicing with my band in preparation for recording a few tracks, so that takes up some time as well.

Picking up 'Destiny' probably didn't help either...


Anyway, update time.

I've started putting together the next four Marines as you can see from the below picture. No conversions planned, I'll stick with what Forgeworld has done with these guys. 

Here's a pair of shots of the test mini as it stands (and has stood for some time in all honesty) just now.

Got to get more definition on the inside of the Fist symbol. Smarten it up a bit.

Not entirely happy with the eyes either, but I've not had to paint anything that fiddly in years, and it'll come back to me soon enough once I've done some more.

Need to figure out how to do the backpacks and give them a bit more going on than the yellow and occassionally metallic tubes and fans. Anyone got any ideas for this?

That aside, I'm actually satisfied with the urban base the test minis on. I'll chuck on some scorched grass nearer the end, but I think I'll be keeping it. Found some old resin bases from when I did my Fire Wolves, so I'll get them involved too for some variety.

Cheers for looking. Hopefully won't be as long until the next update!

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